Temerity Gores Gorefiend

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On our 3rd night of attempts and in classic Temerity fashion (last-pull-of-the-night!), we defeated the first real test of Hellfire Citadel.  With exceptional focus, selfless play and a special nod to Arax who stepped in to tank, Gorefiend went down with a pull-count that made all of us very proud.  Great job Temerity!  We look forward to a strong finish, as we continue to close the initial gear gap (pfft split runs, who needs 'em??) and grind out tough bosses, punctuating each kill with glorious nerd screams.

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Blackrock Foundry is in the Books!

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Awesome work Temerity! We truly hit our stride to close out a fun and challenging tier with a top 50 kill.  Affectionately dubbed Big Daddy, Blackhand proved to be a nicely tuned and rewarding encounter that reminded many of us of Sinestra - demanding, punishing and compact.  After some low percentage wipes over the past couple of raid nights, we finally put him down ... and didn't wait until the last pull of the night this time!

Everybody should feel extremely proud of this accomplishment following some early-tier turbulence.  The team really pulled together in the face of adversity and we now confidently head into Hellfire Citadel while looking forward to facing Archimonde and any other surprises Blizzard may have in store for us.

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Mythic Margok Down!

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Great job, Temerity! After a (very long) drought between expansions, Blizzard delivered one of the more interesting and difficult bosses in a long time.. And in a split tier, no less! This guy and his surprise friend is no laughing matter, but now he's just another sparkling corpse. At least it is an ogre this time - now to go kill some orcs in Blackrock Foundry!

Maybe this time killing Cho'gall will actually stick!

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