Argus Dead - Temerity Red

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Some things never change. Temerity closes out Legion with another Top 50 showing, vanquishing Argus after a grueling stretch of progression to end the expansion. A huge congratulations to the raid team for persevering not just this final tier, but a challenging and often frustrating meta that persisted through all of Legion.

Some things, however, DO change. After nearly a decade of representing the Alliance on Windrunner, Temerity has gone red and transferred to Hyjal as a Horde guild. With Blizzard deciding to double down on the faction divide in Battle for Azeroth, we found it prudent to join the increasingly dominant Horde raiding population. It saddens us to leave the only home we've known, but the dwindling number of Alliance raiding guilds became impossible to ignore.

With the transfer complete, we look forward to continuing our Alpha testing for BfA and farming out the rest of Legion.

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Temerity Forces the Hand of Fate

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Once again, the guild responded to the challenge of a difficult and grueling tier the way it always has: by rising up and excelling where others falter. Kil'jaeden has finally been defeated after nearly 350 pulls. What is remarkable this time is despite strictly adhering to our standard schedule and formula, we finished the tier at US 29th and World 99th. Congratulations to the raid team for its focus and commitment, with special recognition to the leadership of Frozen; raid leading is a thankless and tireless job and his guidance, navigation of the shifting meta (and roster!) and unflappable approach brought us home in record fashion. A big assist also goes to Nether, who was all over streams and played a big hand in our strats and workable comps. 

Onward to Antorus and the conclusion of Legion!

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The Legion Meets Temerity, Xavius gets Knocked Out

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Temerity capped an incredible launch to the expansion with an impressive US 44th kill of Xavius. Legion was eagerly anticipated and it has certainly delivered from a content perspective. With tons to do and multiple avenues for character progression, our raiders committed the time, energy and skill to kick things off in style. I want to thank and salute the team for their dedication both in and out of raid. With all that content came challenges (and some frustration) given our schedule and principles, but we met them head on and are in great shape heading into Trial of Valor and, more importantly, The Nighthold. Great work!

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