And then there was one ...

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Sorry Manno-bro, it turns out these mortals CAN be this strong and that Gul'dan couldn't help you.  This was some juicy progression capped by a satisfying kill.  Nice work Temerity!  Let's get after Archi harder than a scorned Veronica.

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Xhul'horac Rocked

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The march towards Archimonde continues after a tidy 70 or so pulls on Xhul'horac. Kudos to the team for showing that strong and focused play can compensate for a less than optimal raid composition. Next up, Temerity gets to stomp on Mannoroth!

Tags: Mythic Raiding Hellfire Citadel Xhul

Velhari Vanquished!

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Tremendous job by Temerity to defeat Tyrant Velhari in a handful of pulls in typical guild fashion - on the last pull of the night!  Kudos to all of the raiders who quickly re-established our footing after some mid-tier turbulence.  With 10 down and 3 left to go, we eagerly await the remaining challenges that lay ahead.  Great work, team.

Tags: Mythic Raiding Hellfire Citadel Velhari

Temerity Gores Gorefiend

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On our 3rd night of attempts and in classic Temerity fashion (last-pull-of-the-night!), we defeated the first real test of Hellfire Citadel.  With exceptional focus, selfless play and a special nod to Arax who stepped in to tank, Gorefiend went down with a pull-count that made all of us very proud.  Great job Temerity!  We look forward to a strong finish, as we continue to close the initial gear gap (pfft split runs, who needs 'em??) and grind out tough bosses, punctuating each kill with glorious nerd screams.

Tags: Mythic Raiding Hellfire Citadel Gorefiend