Power Word: Love

Senya's evil genius combined with the doldrums of farm has compelled him to launch a new service.  Check it out if you want love so good, it's socketed, warforged and indestructible.

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Happy Holidays from Temerity

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To quote our Senya, our creative genius who made this banner - HAPPY HOLIDAYS OR WHATEVER


Temerity Conquers Archimonde

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He teased by stalling us at sub 1% on consecutive nights and proved a worthy end-of-expansion foe, but ultimately we felled Archimonde to the sounds of glorious nerd cheers.  Both Raiders and Officers showed tremendous perseverance to close out Warlords of Draenor in style.  We navigated challenges that seemed daunting as they unfolded - those challenges soon became opportunities and served only to make us stronger as a guild.  I'm very proud of what we achieved.

This marked Temerity's 11th tier of raiding, a stretch that spans over 6 years and 4 expansions back to Ulduar.  I look forward to adding to this rich history in Legion with what is an amazing group of people.  Onwards to Blizzcon, countless hours of Overwatch and beta raids!

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And then there was one ...

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Sorry Manno-bro, it turns out these mortals CAN be this strong and that Gul'dan couldn't help you.  This was some juicy progression capped by a satisfying kill.  Nice work Temerity!  Let's get after Archi harder than a scorned Veronica.

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