Guild Policies

Loot Policy

Temerity uses the EPGP loot system. This system is designed to ensure that loot is handed out fairly, objectively, and prevent unwanted behavior such as hoarding.

Except for Member preference over Recruit during the trial period, and for rare patterns, no guild rank has priority access to loot or in any way gains EP at any rate other than a normal Member. There is no EP bonus for holding any position of authority. EP/GP is a fair system and in Temerity it transcends rank.

Recruits must achieve 40,000 EP in order to be on equal footing for loot with higher ranked members (roughly 2 weeks); however, Recruits may immediately roll on and receive loot that would otherwise "rot". In this manner, Recruits frequently receive loot during their first raid week with Temerity.

EPGP allows guilds to configure various rewards for attendance, etc, and costs for loot. Our exact numbers currently are:

  • EP on-time and end of raid bonus: 1250 EP

  • Incremental EP award every 15 minutes: 300 EP

  • Base GP: 293

  • Min EP: 40,000

  • Decay Percentage: 7%

On-time bonus is awarded to everyone in raid at 7:45PM, and end of raid bonus is awarded when the raid disbands at 12:00AM.

Guild Ranks

  • Guild Leader: Benevolent dictator, picks new Directors and Officers, helps drive consensus among Officers. Final appeals end here. Generally tries to not make decisions, instead deferring to the Director/Officer pool. Must have authenticator.Director: Generally responsible for the guild and can speak with authority. First group consulted on policy changes, handles dispute resolution, and generally keeps the guild moving smoothly.

  • Director: Generally responsible for the guild and can speak with authority. First group consulted on policy changes, handles dispute resolution, and generally keeps the guild moving smoothly.

  • Officer: Helps decide raid composition, and act as a first level of escalation of problems. Helps identify problems during raids. Certain Officers are also designated to oversee/coordinate specific teams within our roster (healing, tanking, caster DPS, physical DPS). Are frequently consulted on policy changes.

  • Veteran: Anyone who has been a Raider for more than 4 months is promoted to Veteran. As Temerity generally has very low turnover in our roster, the majority of our raid team is ranked Veteran or higher. No added benefits or responsibilities beyond priority access for rare drop patterns.

  • Raider: The raiding core (although this rank comprises the minority of our roster). Raiders have passed their membership vote but have not yet been with the guild for 4 months. Loot priority over Recruits.

  • Recruit: New folk; these players have approximately 4 weeks to impress their guildmates sufficiently to pass the membership vote.

Consumables and guild repairs are available to all raiders of ranks Recruit and above.

Recruitment and Promotion Process

Advancement from Recruit to Member is decided by the current Member core in a voting process. Approximately one month into a Recruit's trial period, a poll visible only to Members and above will be posted in the forums. The general format of the poll is as follows:

Poll: Should Recruitperson be promoted to Member?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Uncertain: A few concerns I will share with the Officers

Lack of sufficient 'Yes' votes is generally interpreted that to mean that the Recruit has not made a strong positive or negative impression and may result in extension of the trial period.

Any 'No' vote must be supported by a PM to an Officer explaining the reasons for the negative vote; if the concerns are minor/the Officer core deems the problems 'fixable' the trial period may be extended to allow the recruit a small window to correct the outstanding issues. 'No' votes which are not supported with a PM are disregarded completely. A reasonable/supported 'No' is sufficient to prohibit membership.

Additionally, if a Member has some concerns such that their vote isn't a simple yes or no, they may vote 'Undecided' and share these concerns with an Officer. As with 'No' votes, 'Undecided' votes not backed by a PM are disregarded, while PMs illuminating minor concerns may result in extension of the trial period.

Our goal with this process is to ensure everyone has a voice in who becomes a Member, thereby strengthening the guild. After voting, Members are able to see the current poll results but not which person voted which way. In addition to simply voting, Members may post in the poll thread in an attempt to change others' votes if they feel strongly about a Recruit. A 'No' vote is a very serious vote as it will prohibit membership and it can be expected for there to be much discussion should someone feel a Recruit should not be made Member.