About Us

formed during Ulduar with a mandate to provide top-end raiding on an efficient schedule and in a positive and constructive environment. After ~10 years under the same senior leadership and a consistent top 50 US track record, we feel comfortable staking our claim as one of the pioneers of successful three-night raiding.

Here are three things you should know about our environment:

  • We do not tolerate toxic or poor behavior towards each other

  • Our schedule is sacred and does not 'flex' during progression

  • We demand efficiency and performance

Some other logistical information and points that elaborate on the above:

  • We raid three nights a week: Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday

  • Raid times: 7:45PM muster; 8pm - PST to 12am PST raid

  • We do NOT push alts or split runs to boost gear on our mains

  • We do NOT have "clean-up" nights or additional nights during progression (see below)

  • Player feedback is critical and fact-based; expect WCL analysis (Kihra is a founding Officer)

  • We clear Heroic during our same Mythic schedule within our allotted 12 hours

  • We use Loot Council supported by add-ons

  • All consumables are provided by the guild bank. Guild repairs are on 24/7, even for recruits.

  • Racism, homophobia and sexism are unwelcome here

  • While we are mature and friendly, we remain a progression guild; strong play is required

Temerity's progression record:

Battle for Azeroth

US 37th Jaina

US 32nd G'huun - NOTE: We did raid an extra 45 minutes this tier


US 42nd Argus

US 29th Kil'jaeden

US 42nd Gul'dan

US 49th Helya

US 44th Xavius


US 49th Blackhand

US 57th Archimonde

Mists of Pandaria

US 15th Garrosh 25H

US 19th Ra-den 25H

US 19th Sha of Fear 25H


US 31st Heroic Madness

US 36th Heroic Ragnaros

US 49th Sinestra (25) - Pre-nerf


Please feel free to reach out to us regardless of our recruitment status. Our turnover is relatively low for a progression guild - we like to establish long-term connections with players so that when fit aligns with opportunity, we both benefit. Our current Officers:

Co-GM - Vulgrym - vulgrym#4300 (Discord)

Co-GM - Netherblood

Officer - Lazek

God of WCL - Kihra

Our Discord application form can be found here: